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My cover of ROAR!

Hope you enjoy this! Can’t wait for Prism to land in the UK!


Katy, Sophia Grace & Rosie @ Kids’ Choice Awards 2013

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 Katy and  John playing with a dog at Montecito beach, SB / Dec 24, 2012 

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Katy and John tonight, NYC.


Katy and John tonight, NYC.

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Congratulations Katy!

Congratulations Katy!

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smackutwice :
Hey. :) Just so you know.. you're blog URL is listed in the back of a new Katy Perry book... "Katy Perry" - by Naom Friedlander. It's listed as one of the MANY sources that book collected info from. :)

wow really?! thats crazy! thanks for telling me! x

Behind the scenes of “Wide Awake”

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